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Festival de Música Los Horcones

What is the Festival de Música Los Horcones?

– Listen to an incredible lineup of live music

– Watch spectacular live dance performances

– Swim in the Los Horcones river

– Bask on sandy beaches and granite boulders

– Learn about one of the most important rivers of Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay

– Discover nature in a biodiverse ecological zone

– Connect with a community of conservationists

Date:     Saturday, March 26, 2022

Time:    12-6 pm

Venue:  Los Veranos Canopy Tour

Cost:     FREE general entry

              (VIP seating available for purchase here)

Bring:   Beach blankets, non-disposable water bottles,

              Cash for food/beverage purchases

Don’t bring:   Outside food/beverages

Our venue –

Los Veranos Canopy Tour is generously providing their beachfront stage and surrounding area for this free community awareness event. This top rated zipline adventure park is situated right along the banks of a lovely stretch of the río Los Horcones. Festival goers can choose their spots to enjoy the show from sandy beaches and granite boulders on either side of the river. Want to cool off? The beckoning waters of the río Los Horcones flow right through the concert grounds!

How to participate –

Save the date:

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Register your attendance:

Please mark yourself down as “going” on the festival FB page!

Here event page

Invite your friends:

Please share with your friends on social media!


Volunteers are needed to make things happen both on the day of the big festival and with organization, planning, communications, and fund-raising in the weeks before the festival. Connect with the festival volunteer community here.


Entertainers interested in performing during the festival may connect with organizers here.

Sponsor a performer:

Please email us  here regarding sponsorship of a music or dance performance. Sponsorship recognition is available in event publicity.


Want to share your love of the río Los Horcones? Please click here to donate!


Please reach out to festival organizers at:

Festival performers –

Follow the festival FB page to see our lineup of talent once organizers select performers and find sponsors.


How You Can Get Involved

save our River is a project of, a Mexican Asociación Civil (non-profit). Its purpose is to build awareness for and educate about the Los Horcones River, one of the most beautiful and important freshwater tributaries to Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay.’s signature event is the Festival de Musica Los Horcones, a community event that’s both fun and provides an array of engaging opportunities to learn about this river and connect with those working to protect it into the future. The next festival is scheduled for March 26, 2022, from 12 to 6 pm at Los Veranos Canopy Tour.  

The Horcones River provides a vital habit for the Military Macaw, Jaguar & other Amazing species of Mexico’s Magical Flora & Fauna.



Festival Música Los Horcones | Ruben Albarran

Rio Los Horcones Music Live!

Ruben Albarran encourages friends, family and fans to take part in our Festival 


“Join us to celibebrate the living force of the Rio Los Horcones.”

Festival Singer’s Fun Dance & Interaction 2020

Rio Los Horcones Music Stage Live!

Great time, Viva Rio Los Horcones! This Festival was such a beautiful experience. We loved the one on one interaction…especially how the performer got so manyy people to dance.

Tommy Fischer 


Oh Yes! I’m a believer I really love your song!

Joan Gampel

Festival Music 2020

Rio Los Horcones!

The Music was awesome and the cultural dancers where amazing… Big thank you to all the wonderful passionate people behind this important event.

This video is great and shows a small hint of what this festival did for the comunity and the nature.


Río Los Horcones

Every year, millions of tourists from all over Mexico and the world visit Puerto Vallarta. Of these, only a small percentage venture into the Los Horcones River Canyon, and of these, even fewer visit the sculpted granite walls and majestic waterfalls of this pristine natural treasure. Those who are lucky enough to do so are impressed by the biodiversity of this precious gem; a stream of pure water fed by the mountains, starting between pine and oak trees in its upper reaches to the dense tropical forest when its flow approaches the sea.


Along its banks, jaguars, jaguarundis, pumas and ocelots chase deer, coatis, javalinass, and river otters. Above, an abundance of extravagantly feathered birds dart through a forest canopy encrusted with orchids and bromeliads. This river canyon and its wildlife now face myriad threats, but a united community that knows about its natural treasures and cares enough to protect them can ensure a hopeful future.